How To Budget For Renovations Before They Become Necessary

home that could do with renovations

Owning a home with surrounding property can make you feel like the renovations are never finished. You always want to change that wallpaper, paint a new color, redo the floors, get a new carpet, expand the patio, or even put in a pool. As you grow and change, your home will follow and some of these renovations are actually necessary as pieces of your home fall into disrepair due to age. Instead of worrying about impending improvements, you can learn how to budget effectively so you have the funds you need when the time comes.

Is There A Pattern?

When was the last time you changed the wallpaper? Painted the exterior? Repaved the driveway? Some things don’t need refreshing for many years or even for the entire time you own your home but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to make changes and refresh things along the way. If you’ve made renovations in the past, think about the how long it took before you wanted to make changes and why. This can help you find the patterns by which you like to renovate and give you a chance to save the money you need before it becomes necessary.

Research and Get Price’s and Quotes

researching firstOnce you’re aware of what kinds of renovations you might need and when, you’ll need to find out how much it’ll cost and who to call when you’ve gathered your funds. Call the experts in your area or ask friends and family who have done similar renovations in the past. Their experience might be more reliable than the accounts you’ll find on the internet but there is a multitude of information there as well. If you’re proactive about it now, you’ll know how much you need to save for later and better be able to make your budgeting plans.

Make a Timeline

The information you’ve found is the foundation for building a timeline for your budget. Add up the amount you need and cross reference with the amount of time you learned about when you considered your past renovation patterns. Let’s say you’ve learned that you need $200 AUD to re-tile your washroom floor and you know you’ll need or want this done in the next six months. You can figure that you’ll need to save a little over $66 AUD per month in order to meet your goal. You can do this with any other project and be able to save what you need for the renovations you’ve always dreamed of making. Be sure to give yourself a little breathing room to adjust for price hikes and for if you change your own mind on what you want during the time it takes leading up to your goal.

Enjoy Planning Your Renovations

planning and organising renovationsA realistic budget makes your future renovations feel like they’ll actually happen. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy planning what you’d like to do instead of dreading the possibility that you’ll never be able to do it. A timeline lets you get excited about when your renovations will happen. It gives you something to look forward to as you keep saving and reach your goals. Get started today and find enjoyment about making your home beautiful.

Tree Removal in Melbourne With Trav’s Tree Services | Tree Removal Melbourne

I don’t know your own opinion, but for me, a tree is a wonderful addition to any garden. I have been fortunate enough to always have trees around the house, and a particularly majestic cherry was my favourite for years. So when the tree ‘got sick’ and slowly died, you’d be very correct in assuming I was upset. And since it was a big tree, that left us in the end with a big shadow in the yard, with no actual value. Considering our options, the only thing to do was call someone who could take care of it, as professionally as possible.

Travis Garden Cutting a tree

Tree Removal and how Trav’s Tree Services provided a perfect solution.

Lucky enough, a friend had a pretty great company on hand, telling me he was very happy with their services and gave me the contact info. And best of all, they worked right in the area, apparently servicing the area of North East Melbourne including Kew, Greensborough, Templestowe and Eltham. After taking a look at their site and realising they offer a large variety of services and look very knowledgeable, I decided to reach out.

The guys from Trav’s Tree services who showed up made fast work of the remains, with no additional damage to my garden. I also want to mention that they were very nice and friendly, as well as knowledgeable and super-efficient. They came fully prepared for any possibility, and upon seeing them I was sure one single, old tree wouldn’t stand a chance. They inspected the situation and told me that the tree could be either cut down or removed completely with the Trav’s Tree Removal Melbourne special, meaning root as well. This is the part I was not aware of, that tree stump can actually become just as big problems as dead trees. And the Trav’s Trees team told me all about it.

Tree stump removal and what it implies

Like I said, a dead tree can become a problem. But as I found out myself, its stump can also turn into a pretty big issue, if dealt with incorrectly. The guys sent to deal with the dead cherry in my garden explained that a stump can become a breathing ground for many insects and even some parasites that might endanger out health, as well as becoming obstacles or potentially hazardous obstacles.

Trav's Tree Services removing a Tree Stump with Stump Grinder in Melbourne Victoria

So what to do in this situation, but get rid of the stump too. Fortunately, these guys offered this service too, along with a host of other jobs, like lopping, pruning, trimming, cutting, mulch, stump grinding, shrub and hedge pruning and so on. My initial analysis of their website was very helpful and informative, letting me get an overall idea before reaching out. I want to mention that they offer a host of arborist services also, which can be a fantastic help for someone looking to organise their garden to its full potential.  

Tree removal cost

Of course, I was sure that such specialised services can’t come cheap. But as it turns out, their prices are very affordable and correct for the type of work. That was one thing that really impressed and pleased me. Considering that they are qualified, professional arborists, their services did not fail to deliver, and considering how fast and smooth the removal of my old tree went, I, for one say that the prices are really good for the market.

And in the end…the tree and stump removal


As I said, the tree needed to be removed completely in the end. The guys were prepared for this too, managing to easily cut it down, branch by branch and then dealing with the root. Thankfully, it wasn’t so big that it did not allow them to dig it up. Otherwise, they would have had to grind the stump down apparently, but this way my garden is now waiting for a new tenant of the leafy variety now. It was interesting to see the whole process going down, from the calculated ‘incisions’ they did to the trunk, to the way they disposed of the leftovers and how they managed to dig out the root like it was nothing more than a flower.

After all was said and done, they quickly re-arranged the spot, almost as if there was nothing there initially. They told me that in time the earth will settle on its own and now I can do whatever I want with that spot in my garden. The fact that they also took care of the remains and tidied up after themselves was so greatly appreciated as well.

All in all, I was very happy with the Trav’s Tree Services team, finding their approach both professional and friendly. And as much as I was upset to see that cherry go, I’m happy its fate was dealt with by someone who really knew what they were doing.

Do’s and Don’ts when Deciding on a Timber Flooring

Wooden Flooring Service

Whether you’re drawing up the plans for your new home or doing some renovation work, getting the right flooring is of the essence. Whatever style you’re going with, you can never go wrong with timber flooring – it’s practical, reliable and timeless.

Recently I had my floor relayed with timber. Getting a timber floor laid was one of the things that really set the style of the home. We had our timber floor installation completed by Flooring Perth WA who done an excellent job and deserve the mention here. If you need a timber floor laid in Perth make sure to give them a call for a quick turn around and a great price.

However, given the dizzying array of available options, it can feel like a challenge to find the very best one for you. Here are some do’s and don’ts worth considering while browsing through flooring options.

Things To Do

  1. Consider climate.

Climate is an important factor to bear in mind whenever choosing building materials. Long-term exposure to humidity will take a toll on a floor’s lifespan, particularly if it’s hardwood. Bamboo, sealed cork or laminate flooring might be a somewhat safer bet in humid climates.

  1. Consider comfort.

Comfort should weigh as much as durability and aesthetics when selecting a flooring material, especially in rooms you spend more time in or if you have young children, likely to crawl about on all fours. Cork is a great choice in terms of comfort.

  1. Consider care.

coating your wooden floorLearn what type of care various types of timber flooring need and assess realistically whether you will be able to provide that care on a regular basis. Failing to do so will not only shorten the flooring’s lifespan, but might also lead to voiding the product’s warranty.

  1. Consider sustainability.

Sustainability might not be the first thing on your mind when choosing flooring, unless you have a commitment to environmental protection. However, as contemporary architecture is beginning to rediscover, sustainable materials, which have been used for generations in traditional communities, also tend to offer enhanced resistance and better thermal insulation.

  1. Look into warranties.

Even with the most durable materials, it is important to get a valid warranty. Be sure to do your homework and read the fine print when looking at a company’s warranty policy. In some cases, the warranties come with a list of exclusions or are conditional upon an unrealistic maintenance regime, which makes it impossible to actually get your warranty should any problem occur.

Plank floor

Things Not To Do

  1. Underestimate wear and tear.

That hardwood floor you saw in a lifestyle magazine might look divine, but are you sure you want your kid or cat to have a field day with it? Some rooms (or homes) are likely to get a higher percentage of wear and tear, so try to do a realistic assessment of all the stress factors in your home or in a particular room before choosing the flooring.

  1. Get it because everyone else has it.

On a related note, it might be tempting to go with a particular type of timber flooring because that’s what Marcia from Accounting got or because it’s all the rage now, but consider it might not be the best solution for your home. While aesthetics is certainly important, it pays off to weigh other factors as well and you might want to consult with a specialist before making a final decision.


A wooden Plank floor is an excellent choice for flooring. With 100’s of different styles, different wood and different floor sealers its important you know exactly what kind of wooden floor install you want before proceeding.

A great way to get ideas is to compare with your freinds and family, get opinions and go from there. If you have never lived with a wooden floor then there are definately some things you will want to know before picking which wood to lay down.

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Have a great day and best of luck with your wooden floor!

How Can Removalists Help You Protect and Transport Your Valuables?

Home That Was Packed Up By Crusader Removals

Lately I have had to move locations both for my home and office. Moving from Perth in Western Australia to Melbourne in Victoria took a a lot of planning and research. Finding the right company when moving or even simply moving your belongings into storage while you renovate can be a big decision. After all, it is your valuables that you are leaving in the hands of strangers.

For that reason, relocating your business or moving into a new home can be a stressful process that would inevitably force you to coordinate a number of important assignments, such as the transportation of extremely valuable items, including collectables, jewellery and artwork.

One may ask: how could movers recreate the perfect storage and transportation conditions for these delicate items carrying big price tags? The answer is simple: when it comes to picking up and delivering these personal effects, it’s always best to count on the support of a competent team of removalists specialised in fine art transportation.

Such companies usually work closely with renowned art collectors and galleries from different parts of the world, and have the tools and expertise required to store and ship a wide range of valuables, including sculptures, paintings and antiques. Which means, your belongings delicate or not, are going to be well looked after. If the company can transport art and breakables without issues, chances are, your not going to run into any issues with your furniture, and electrical equipment.

How Removalists Can Help You Avoid Risks while Transporting Your Valuables

Moving Contractors Loading Their Truck

Sturdy cardboard boxes filled with plastic foam may be good enough to store and protect your everyday breakables; however, these packaging essentials aren’t the best option at hand when it comes to transporting rare, expensive or unique items. If your number one priority is to ensure a superior protection for your artwork collection, count on the support of professional movers who rely on state-of-the-art supplies and equipment to safeguard your valuables from any conceivable risk, including colour transfer, breakage and theft.

Such companies implement a series of protective measures, including humidity and temperature control, 24/7 modern security systems, restricted monitored access and electronic inventory. Also, the most respectable movers operating in this sector go the extra mile to cater to the needs of their exclusive clientele by providing quality crating and packing services, and other handy extras, such as storage insurance and access to paining racks.

Removalists make use of a sophisticated storage system based on customised packing crates added to a fleet of vehicles with climate control. These elements ensure a flawless, risk-free transportation, allowing clients to move any type of valuables from point A to point B rapidly, safely and securely. Such movers are specialised in handling any type of merchandise and have been involved in numerous special projects that enabled them to help maintain the value of exquisite, unique art collections. Whether you’re planning on relocating, or simply wish to carry your masterpieces to a fair or art exhibition, choose to protect the pieces of your collection during storage and transit by opting for the services of a team specialised in fine art transportation.

Making an Informed Decision

Man Researching Companies on a tablet

By discussing your options with each service provider you could find a company that also has what it takes to handle cataloguing, installation and coordination of your art exhibits throughout the country. Such additional services always come in handy, especially for busy collectors who would rather let a team of professional removalists take care of some of the most important aspects of their upcoming exhibit. If you want to make sure that your valuables are in good hands while in transit, choose to collaborate with experienced movers specialised in the packaging and transportation of artworks all across Australia.

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