About The Blog

I created Third World Games as an online blog where I could share my opinion and generally speak freely about the hot topic of landscaping and renovating your home on a budget.

Not everyone has a large wallet, want’s to go get a loan or has saving they are willing to spend on hobby renovations and improving the home. For that reason, this blog has been created to show you some tips on saving money while renovating, keeping things as green as possible and recycling where we can.

Nicely Renovated Backyard

Felicity Allan

My names is Felicity Allan and I’m a stay at home mum with a passion for spending time in the garden, horticulture and a background in New Zealand working in agriculture on the dairy farms in the mighty South Island.

In my spare time while not in the garden or spending time with the kids I like to sit down and read, usually about interior design, landscaping, and general renovations to help get the creative juices flowing and spark new ideas that I can implement myself on my own land.

Currently, I live in Australia which has been kind to me. I regularly go to business meetings where I meet and communicate with local contractors, building my network and gaining trust in the community.

My goals is to share not only my own stories on this blog, but those of some of my closest friends and contractors. Giving you, the reader more ideas and a better change to find the perfect renovation, landscaping and designs at the best prices.

Thanks for reading about me and my goals, for more, check out the blog.