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I don’t know your own opinion, but for me, a tree is a wonderful addition to any garden. I have been fortunate enough to always have trees around the house, and a particularly majestic cherry was my favourite for years. So when the tree ‘got sick’ and slowly died, you’d be very correct in assuming I was upset. And since it was a big tree, that left us in the end with a big shadow in the yard, with no actual value. Considering our options, the only thing to do was call someone who could take care of it, as professionally as possible.

Travis Garden Cutting a tree

Tree Removal and how Trav’s Tree Services provided a perfect solution.

Lucky enough, a friend had a pretty great company on hand, telling me he was very happy with their services and gave me the contact info. And best of all, they worked right in the area, apparently servicing the area of North East Melbourne including Kew, Greensborough, Templestowe and Eltham. After taking a look at their site and realising they offer a large variety of services and look very knowledgeable, I decided to reach out.

The guys from Trav’s Tree services who showed up made fast work of the remains, with no additional damage to my garden. I also want to mention that they were very nice and friendly, as well as knowledgeable and super-efficient. They came fully prepared for any possibility, and upon seeing them I was sure one single, old tree wouldn’t stand a chance. They inspected the situation and told me that the tree could be either cut down or removed completely with the Trav’s Tree Removal Melbourne special, meaning root as well. This is the part I was not aware of, that tree stump can actually become just as big problems as dead trees. And the Trav’s Trees team told me all about it.

Tree stump removal and what it implies

Like I said, a dead tree can become a problem. But as I found out myself, its stump can also turn into a pretty big issue, if dealt with incorrectly. The guys sent to deal with the dead cherry in my garden explained that a stump can become a breathing ground for many insects and even some parasites that might endanger out health, as well as becoming obstacles or potentially hazardous obstacles.

Trav's Tree Services removing a Tree Stump with Stump Grinder in Melbourne Victoria

So what to do in this situation, but get rid of the stump too. Fortunately, these guys offered this service too, along with a host of other jobs, like lopping, pruning, trimming, cutting, mulch, stump grinding, shrub and hedge pruning and so on. My initial analysis of their website was very helpful and informative, letting me get an overall idea before reaching out. I want to mention that they offer a host of arborist services also, which can be a fantastic help for someone looking to organise their garden to its full potential.  

Tree removal cost

Of course, I was sure that such specialised services can’t come cheap. But as it turns out, their prices are very affordable and correct for the type of work. That was one thing that really impressed and pleased me. Considering that they are qualified, professional arborists, their services did not fail to deliver, and considering how fast and smooth the removal of my old tree went, I, for one say that the prices are really good for the market.

And in the end…the tree and stump removal


As I said, the tree needed to be removed completely in the end. The guys were prepared for this too, managing to easily cut it down, branch by branch and then dealing with the root. Thankfully, it wasn’t so big that it did not allow them to dig it up. Otherwise, they would have had to grind the stump down apparently, but this way my garden is now waiting for a new tenant of the leafy variety now. It was interesting to see the whole process going down, from the calculated ‘incisions’ they did to the trunk, to the way they disposed of the leftovers and how they managed to dig out the root like it was nothing more than a flower.

After all was said and done, they quickly re-arranged the spot, almost as if there was nothing there initially. They told me that in time the earth will settle on its own and now I can do whatever I want with that spot in my garden. The fact that they also took care of the remains and tidied up after themselves was so greatly appreciated as well.

All in all, I was very happy with the Trav’s Tree Services team, finding their approach both professional and friendly. And as much as I was upset to see that cherry go, I’m happy its fate was dealt with by someone who really knew what they were doing.